Welcome to Honored Generations, I am Susan Burgess Hoffman, a Genealogist and Family Historian. Passionate about history, our ancestors and the stories their lives can tell.

The study of our families can unearth the stories of history that become more real and touch you in a unique way. There are almost always mysteries to solve along the way and the preservation of our past, for our future generations, is priceless.

For most people they see genealogy as a collection of names, dates and places in little boxes connected by lines. Some are only curious about a couple of generations and want basic information, others want to know more.  Maybe there is a family story they have always heard and want to uncover the facts or prove a connection to a historical figure or event. Still others want to join a lineage society and need documentation on a specific line.

Is there a question you have on your family, a story to unearth or a society you are interested in joining? I can help. I have spent many years helping others to trace their family history. Using online and offline resources and other research contacts,  I have both the passion and experience to help you answer the questions you have now, and the ones that will certainly come up during the process.

At Honored Generations it is about Your History. Your Heritage. Your Story.


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