On the western waters….

I have not given up, I have not lost hope, I am not convinced that we have found and settled on where my 5th Great Grandfather Gov. Richard Caswell is indeed buried. There. I said it. I am at it again.

For several years there have been many people involved in questioning and searching for where North Carolina’s first Governor is buried; archaeologists, East Carolina University students & professors, a team from the Smithsonian, state & local historians, family members, genealogists and curiosity seekers, all have come together in several attempts at finding out where Gov. Caswell is buried, yet none have solved the mystery, even the last attempt at his grave excavation in 2009 could neither prove nor disprove the theory he is buried in Kinston at the Caswell family cemetery.

In the next couple of posts I am going to give a short description of the death and burial and the history of the search for the resting place of Governor Richard Caswell. Then I shall track my investigation as I go forward with my hunch that he is indeed buried in the western part of North Carolina, which may now be actually be in Tennessee.

Why do I seek this information? It is a mystery that I cannot let go, there are questions I still have and above all else if found I want to honor his resting place. Some say that the loss of his burial location is a loss for the citizens of North Carolina and history, that as a Founding Father for North Carolina, he deserves better in memory. If North Carolina had not been the poorest of the 13 colonies, he would have been as well known as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and John Adams, all contemporaries and friends of his. Out of sight is not out of mind for me.

So to begin,

  • I will take a closer look at the letters I have gathered where Richard speaks of his time in this area, as well as his sons,
  • I will look at other letters, documents and records of his friends actions in the area from just prior to his death to a few years after,
  • Chart the boundaries from land sales on a map, laying out areas to search for further records of any actual habitation,
  • I will search for more of his son Winston’s documents & writings for his movements in the 10 years after his father’s death until his own, specifically the months proceeding and after his fathers death to see if I can find him recorded in that area.

Stay tuned for more on this journey.


About honoredgenerations

Curious by nature, passionate about family and history, I find a special calling to honor our previous generations by finding and telling their stories. Each generation leaves an impression on who we are and these lives, these unique individuals deserve to be remembered "generation unto generation".
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