Memories, how do we keep these?

There are so many things I can remember clearly, even things that happened many, many years ago and then there are things that happened just a few months ago I have trouble recalling. It is not just age effecting this, but my life is so busy and overwhelmed at times that I do not pay full attention to the moments I am in, as I am always thinking behind, ahead or just trying to catch up.

So, how do we keep our memories strong, recall things of importance or store those moments in life that make us smile, laugh, proud or even sad? How do we stop losing the stories of our ancestors? Reminiscence reviewing!

If teens and young adults who have become sudden sensations in Hollywood or the music industry can write a memoir, why shouldn’t you? Think of it as a peek inside a diary, a snippet of “what life is all about” or the appeal of reporting history as it happens, first person, so that future generations will learn from more than just misguided and skewed history books, but from those who actually lived it.

Capture your life in words, you do not have to be a professional to write. Just sit down at your desk, favorite chair or even in bed, wherever you are most comfortable, get your computer, typewriter, tablet, Ipad, recorder or even a legal pad, and start writing. There is even a computer program that you can dictate to and all the typing is done without you pecking away! ( like Dragon Naturally Speaking) Start with today, yesterday, last month or last year. Just start talking about what comes to your mind.

Some ideas to consider,
o Is there a favorite family member you want to remember, tell a story about?
o What about your own parents or grandparents telling you a story about an ancestor?
o What was your own childhood like, good or bad, these are things to recall and record
o Is there any military service stories, who served when, where and what did they do?
o What were your school years like? Do you remember things like what the favorite lunch was, teacher, and subjects? What were the fashions? Who was popular? Were there any scandals?
o Your dating days?
o Your engagement & wedding?
o The birth of children or nieces & nephews?
o Your friends, where do you spend your time, doing what?
o What is the social scene, in your youth, middle age, as you age?
o What historically significant events have you witnessed or taken part in? How did you feel, did it cause you to do something, change your life, etc?
o Traveling, where have you gone? What did you do? Where did you stay, eat, visit, etc?
o What are your interests and how did you get started?
o What occupations have you had, and what brought you to them? What do you wish you had done instead, why?
o What are your religious beliefs, where do you worship? What is your community like, what traditions do they bring to your life?
o Describe yourself as a child, youth, teen, young adult, middle age or whatever stage you are in.
o What are your hopes for your own future and that of your family or friends?
o Is there some great meaning to life or lesson you have learned you want to pass down?

Get the children involved as well. Have them write as soon as they are able to and before that you can record things for them. Even if it is just a paragraph a week or month. Get them in the habit. Buy them a nice journal to use or encourage them to keep an online diary or even a blog. Let them know that they matter, their stories matter.

We all have such unique lives that create wonderful stories; they should be remembered and retold, or at least recalled and recorded, for future generations to learn about your history, your heritage and your story and in your own words.


About honoredgenerations

Curious by nature, passionate about family and history, I find a special calling to honor our previous generations by finding and telling their stories. Each generation leaves an impression on who we are and these lives, these unique individuals deserve to be remembered "generation unto generation".
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