On the hunt….

Researching across the pond is not as easy but when you find something, it is a Snoopy Dancing day though.


(A terrific group of people I have been friends with for more many years have a saying when you find something you have been trying long and hard to find, or something just comes your way, we snoopy dance.)

I received in the mail the birth registration for my 3rd great grandmother Ellen Whitehead. Confirming the names of her parents and birth location. I have been looking for my 4th great grandparents Joseph Whitehead and Jane Buckley on and off over the years and began the search again a couple of weeks ago. Determined I would find out more about my English family.

These are the facts I know

  • Joseph Whitehead was born in England
  • Joseph is not living with his wife, Jane and children in the 1841 census
  • Joseph is dead before April 1841 (daughters 1841 death certificate list him as deceased)
  • Joseph married Jane Buckley 09 July 1827 at St. Mary’s Church, Oldham, Lancashire, England
  • Jane Buckley was born abt 1801 in Oldham, Lancashire, England (1841, 1851 census)
  • Jane is living with her children in 1841 & 1851
  • Children listed are Hannah (abt 1828), Betty (abt 1833), Mary (abt. 1835), Sarah (abt. 1837), Ann (abt. 1839) and Ellen 1841
  • Jane and Hannah are listed as born in Oldham in the 1841 census
  • The other girls are listed as born in Dunkinfield, Cheshire.

  • Ellen Whitehead is born 03 April 1841 (see document)
  • Ellen marries Eli Schofield 24 April 1859 in Oldham.
  • Ellen comes to the US with her son, James Schofield and his young wife Ada Schofield (same surname) and infant daughter Ellen (my great grandmother) in 1893.
  • Eli is alive, but stays in England. Ellen leaves him for “the drinking”.
  • Ellen Whitehead Schofield dies 10 April 1926 in Sherrard, Mercer, Illinois


ImageEllen Whitehead Schofield 1914

This is what I have found and researching this may lead me to answers with facts,

  • Joseph Whitehead register of birth 01 June 1803, St. Mary’s, Oldham, Lancashire, England, parents listed as Joseph Whitehead and Mary (no surname)
  • Joseph Whitehead married 20 Dec 1797, Mary Bell in Cheshire, England
  • Joseph Whitehead born 25 Nov 1804 to Joseph Whitehead and Mary Hilton
  • Jane Buckley christened 18 Aug 1802 in Lancashire, father James Buckley and mother Ellen (no surname)
  • Jane Whitehead living in 1861 with son-in-law Edward Fletcher and wife Maria and 6 children. Jane is listed as Jane Whitehead age 60. Is this Maria really Mary?
  • Jane Whitehead death, two are listed in the right area, B. abt 1803 died aged 79 in 1882 and b. abt 1803 died aged 75 in 1878.
  • Found these three birth registrations with Joseph Whitehead and Jane (no surname) as parents
  • Hannah Whitehead birth registration for 22 June 1828
  • Betty Whitehead birth registration for 01 Jan 1832
  • Mary Whitehead birth registration for 03 Aug 1834

I have given this information to several people I know in England and hope they will be able to find or confirm information for me. This could lead me with this line the 18th century and really unblock that family line.

You never know how or where you will find your answers. Never give up, keep sending emails, post questions, find new websites, look for new sources on familiar sites, etc. The answers are there and you do not have to get on a plane to find them. At least I hope not, or it might be quite awhile before I find mine.


About honoredgenerations

Curious by nature, passionate about family and history, I find a special calling to honor our previous generations by finding and telling their stories. Each generation leaves an impression on who we are and these lives, these unique individuals deserve to be remembered "generation unto generation".
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  1. Doing the Snoopy Dance with you! Glad you received that birth registration. Now on to the next step…there is always a next step…

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